Book Review: Camping with Kids: The Best Campgrounds in British Columbia and Alberta

Imagine this – a curated list of the best campgrounds for kids in British Columbia and Alberta, combined with practical tips on how to survive (and dare I say, enjoy?) the experience. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, Jayne Seagrave turns this dream into a reality in her book, “Camping with Kids: The Best Campgrounds in British Columbia and Alberta.”

Seagrave’s book isn’t just a directory; it’s a guide borne out of first-hand experiences and in-depth research. And it’s not just the quantity of campgrounds covered (and trust me, it’s exhaustive), but the quality of information about each one that truly sets this book apart.

The author’s descriptions are so vivid, you can almost smell the pine trees and feel the crisp morning air. Each campground entry includes details about amenities, nearby attractions, and potential wildlife encounters. Plus, she offers handy insider tips (think: the best spots to pitch your tent, or where to find the cleanest restrooms) that can make your camping experience go from good to ‘best-trip-ever’!

But what good is the perfect campground if you’re not prepared, right? Fear not, Seagrave has got you covered. There’s a hefty section dedicated to the essentials of camping with kids, including packing lists, campfire safety, and handling wildlife. It’s practical, no-nonsense advice that will leave you feeling more prepared and less panicked.

One delightful surprise in the book is the inclusion of kid-friendly activities, hiking trails, and local attractions for each campground. Seagrave ensures that your trip is not just about camping but creating a complete and memorable family adventure.

As for the writing style, it’s like having a conversation with a wise and witty friend who’s been there, done that. Seagrave’s humor and anecdotes bring a lightness to the text that makes it an enjoyable read.

However, bear in mind that the book is specifically geared towards camping in British Columbia and Alberta, so if you’re not planning a trip in these regions, you might not find it as useful.

In conclusion, “Camping with Kids: The Best Campgrounds in British Columbia and Alberta” is an invaluable tool for anyone planning a camping trip with a baby or older children in these beautiful Canadian provinces. With this guide in hand, you’re set to discover the majestic landscapes, create lifelong memories, and perhaps even ignite a lifelong passion for the outdoors in your young adventurers. Here’s to happy, stress-free camping!

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