Fun-Filled 1st Birthday Party Activities

Hold onto your party hats because we’re about to embark on the wild journey of planning a first birthday party! As someone who has successfully orchestrated not one, not two, but four of these milestone celebrations, I can assure you it’s an adventure that will be etched in your memory forever. 

I can still picture myself, coffee in hand (or let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a well-deserved glass of wine), scouring the internet for the most adorable birthday party themes, vibrant decorations, and mouth watering treats to satisfy guests of all ages. I’m sure you can relate to the endless hours spent in pursuit of first birthday party planning perfection!

But let me tell you, things don’t always go according to plan. I had once envisioned an outdoor extravaganza, yet rain decided to crash the party. I have to admit it stung a little to see my grand plans dampened.

In spite of that, here’s the beautiful twist. Even though we had to move our party inside, the kids had a blast! Turns out, they didn’t need an elaborate spectacle. All they wanted were a few fun games and some empty boxes to keep them entertained and happy!

First Birthday Party Games for Babies and Toddlers

šŸ„³Game of Tunnels 

Create a mini tunnel using soft pillows or large cardboard boxes, and watch as the magic unfolds. This delightful game invites babies and toddlers to crawl through and explore a world of wonder. As they move in and out of the tunnels, their faces light up with joy, and their giggles fill the air. Not only is it an absolute blast for them, but it also helps enhance their gross motor skills, as they navigate through the twists and turns of this imaginative adventure.

šŸ„³Wagon Ride 

All aboard the excitement express! If you happen to have a wagon or a small ride-on toy, buckle up the little ones and take them on a gentle ride around the party area. As they embark on this thrilling journey, their eyes widen with anticipation, and their smiles stretch from ear to ear. It’s a fantastic way to keep them entertained while providing them with a brand-new experience that sparks their curiosity and fuels their sense of adventure.

šŸ„³Quiet Play 

Amidst the joyful hustle and bustle of the celebration, it’s important to create a serene oasis for the babies and toddlers. Set up a designated quiet play area adorned with an array of age-appropriate toys. From cuddly stuffed animals to captivating board books and sensory toys that tantalize their senses, this tranquil space offers them a retreat when they need a break from the exhilaration. Here, they can engage in calm and focused play, allowing their imagination to flourish and recharge their energy for more excitement ahead.

šŸ„³Toddler Obstacle Course 

Calling all little adventurers! Get ready to embark on a mini expedition filled with excitement and discovery. Construct a playful obstacle course using fluffy cushions, cozy pillows, and small tunnels. As babies and toddlers crawl, climb, and explore their way through this delightful challenge, their faces beam with determination and joy. It’s an activity that not only ignites their sense of adventure but also encourages them to develop their physical skills, boosting their confidence as they conquer each obstacle with glee.

šŸ„³Sensory Station 

Prepare for a sensory extravaganza that will captivate the hearts and minds of the little ones. Set up a sensory station brimming with an assortment of captivating materials. Colored rice, mesmerizing sand, or engaging water play become the canvas for their exploration. Provide an array of containers, scoops, and toys that ignite their senses and invite them to dive in. As they touch, pour, and manipulate the various elements, their imagination comes alive, and they embark on a sensory journey that delights their growing minds.

šŸ„³Balloon Bonanza 

Get ready to fill the party atmosphere with a burst of color and pure delight. Create a balloon wonderland that will leave the little ones in awe. Fill the space with vibrant balloons, floating gracefully in the air, and watch their eyes light up with wonder. From touching and feeling the smoothness of the balloons to the simple joy of popping them (under supervision, of course!), this activity promises endless entertainment and gleeful laughter that will create cherished memories for years to come.


Prepare for bubble mania that will enchant both young and old alike. Set up a captivating bubble station, equipped with bubble wands or bubble machines. As the iridescent orbs float through the air, the little ones are entranced, their tiny fingers reaching out to catch the shimmering wonders. The sheer delight in their eyes as they chase and pop the bubbles is simply priceless. It’s an activity that never fails to elicit contagious laughter and creates magical moments that will be forever etched in their hearts.

šŸ„³Ball Pit 

Dive into a world of sensory delight with a safe and inviting ball pit. Transform a baby pool or inflatable pool into a haven filled with a sea of soft balls. The babies and toddlers will eagerly crawl, sit, and play in this colorful wonderland, their faces radiating pure joy. As they explore, they develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness in the most delightful way. The ball pit becomes a sanctuary of fun and discovery, where laughter echoes and friendships are forged.

šŸ„³Photo Booth 

Capture the precious moments and celebrate the milestone with a photo booth that exudes charm and playfulness. Set the stage with an array of props and costumes that invite both young and old to unleash their creativity. From funny hats and oversized glasses to adorable animal masks, the possibilities are endless. Provide a Polaroid or instant camera to instantly capture the magic, allowing guests to take home their treasured snapshots as keepsakes. The photo booth becomes a focal point of joy, where laughter, silliness, and cherished memories are shared.

šŸ„³Ride-on Toys 

Let the wheels of fun turn as you introduce the little ones to an exhilarating world of ride-on toys. If space permits, offer mini cars, bikes, or scooters that transport them into a realm of excitement and adventure. With each push of a pedal or turn of a handle, their spirits soar, and their imagination takes flight. It’s an opportunity for them to experience the thrill of movement and engage in imaginative play as they cruise through the party with unbridled joy.


Prepare for a gravity-defying experience that promises endless thrills and giggles. Set up a small slide suitable for toddlers in a safe area, and watch as their faces light up with anticipation. With a sense of wonder and courage, they climb to the top and slide down, their laughter filling the air. This simple yet enjoyable activity captivates their adventurous spirit and offers them a moment of pure exhilaration. As they repeat the journey over and over, their confidence grows, and their smiles shine brighter.


Set the stage for a celebration that resonates with rhythm, melody, and pure happiness. Play lively and age-appropriate music throughout the party, filling the air with infectious beats and melodies. Watch as the babies and toddlers become one with the music, swaying, bouncing, and moving their bodies in harmony. It’s a magical sight that showcases their natural inclination for rhythm and expression. The music infuses the celebration with an irresistible energy, ensuring smiles and laughter fill the air.

šŸ„³First Birthday Parade 

Let the grand procession begin! Organize a mini parade that invites everyone to join in the jubilation. Distribute musical instruments, toy cars, and colorful balloons, and witness the little guests marching, dancing, and twirling with delight. It’s a spectacle that engages both babies and toddlers, creating a shared experience of joy and camaraderie. The vibrant colors, infectious laughter, and rhythm of the parade create an atmosphere of celebration that will be etched in their memories forever.

šŸ„³Cardboard Boxes 

Prepare to witness the magic of imagination as babies and toddlers unlock endless possibilities within simple cardboard boxes. Set up a dedicated area adorned with various-sized boxes, becoming their canvas for creativity. Whether they build towering castles, play hide-and-seek within their cardboard fortresses, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of stacking and knocking down boxes, their imaginative play knows no bounds. It’s a testament to the power of simplicity and the incredible joy that can be found in the most unexpected places.

šŸ„³Building Blocks 

Unleash the architects within the little ones as you introduce them to the timeless allure of building blocks. Set up a play area brimming with soft, colorful blocks, inviting them to construct, deconstruct, and reimagine. Their eyes gleam with wonder as they stack block upon block, developing their fine motor skills and spatial awareness with each creation. The sound of falling blocks is met with giddy laughter, as they explore the endless possibilities of their imagination. Building blocks become the medium through which they build their dreams, one block at a time.

šŸ„³Soft Play 

Create a haven of exploration and soft landings with a dedicated soft play area. Whether you have access to soft play equipment or lay out cushioned mats, this space becomes a sanctuary for babies and toddlers to crawl, roll, and play to their heart’s content. Soft play equipment like tunnels, ramps, and blocks add an extra layer of fun and discovery, providing endless opportunities for their curiosity to flourish. As they navigate this safe and cushioned landscape, their confidence grows, and their joy knows no bounds. It’s a haven where they can explore, learn, and make cherished memories.

1st Birthday Party Games for Adults

šŸ„³Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Unleash the spirit of adventure and creativity with a captivating photo scavenger hunt. Create a list of specific moments or objects that adults need to find and capture throughout the party. From capturing a candid moment of laughter to finding the cutest baby onesie, each snapshot becomes a treasure trove of memories. As adults eagerly explore the party, cameras in hand, they become immersed in the hunt, ensuring they don’t miss out on the adorable moments happening around them. It’s a game that not only engages them but also sparks conversations and laughter as they compare their finds and relish in the joy of the celebration.

šŸ„³Parent-Child Craft Game 

Foster a beautiful bond between parents and their little ones with a heartwarming craft activity. Set up a crafting station where parents and children can work together to create something special. Whether it’s decorating a onesie with fabric markers or making handprint art on a canvas, this interactive game brings adults and children together in a shared creative endeavor. As they paint, draw, and decorate side by side, they not only create beautiful keepsakes but also build lasting memories and strengthen the parent-child connection. The room buzzes with laughter, guidance, and artistic flair, making this craft game a highlight of the party.

šŸ„³Guess the Baby Food 

Prepare for a hilarious and palate-pleasing game that will leave everyone in stitches. Set up a tasting station with small samples of different baby foods, carefully numbered to keep the flavors a secret. Challenge the adults to taste each sample and guess the corresponding flavors. Their taste buds go on a rollercoaster ride as they experience the unique textures and flavors of pureed carrots, peas, or fruits. The room erupts with laughter and friendly banter as participants attempt to identify the baby food flavors, showcasing their daring taste buds and unleashing their competitive spirit. It’s a game that tickles the senses and creates unforgettable moments of shared laughter.

šŸ„³Name That Tune 

Prepare to transport adults back in time as they engage in a nostalgic game of “Name That Tune.” Create a playlist of popular songs from their own childhood or a mix of different eras and genres. Play short snippets of each song and challenge the adults to guess the title or artist before the time runs out. The room fills with smiles of recognition and friendly debates as they race against the clock to recall the melodies of their favorite tunes. It’s a game that sparks memories, ignites conversations, and fosters a sense of camaraderie among the participants. The joy of reminiscing through music becomes a bridge that connects generations and creates an atmosphere of lighthearted competition.


Step up the fun factor with a classic game that never fails to entertainā€”cornhole. Set up a designated cornhole game area where adults can compete against each other in this friendly yet competitive game. Armed with bean bags, they aim to toss them through the holes on the boards, racking up points and earning cheers from the spectators. Laughter echoes through the air as bags soar through the sky, landing with precision or comically bouncing off the board. Cornhole becomes a magnet that draws adults into the spirit of play, fostering friendly rivalries, and creating moments of shared joy and excitement.

šŸ„³Jumbo Jenga 

Prepare for towering thrills and suspense as adults take on the challenge of Jumbo Jenga. Set up a larger-than-life Jenga tower, comprised of oversized wooden blocks, and let the adults take turns carefully removing blocks one by one without toppling the towering structure. Hearts race and breaths hold as each block is gingerly pulled, the tower teetering on the brink of collapse. Nervous laughter fills the air as participants strategize and take calculated risks, trying to outwit gravity and each other. The room buzzes with anticipation and celebration as the tower defies the odds or spectacularly tumbles, prompting cheers and applause. Jumbo Jenga becomes an unforgettable centerpiece of fun and friendly competition, leaving adults feeling both accomplished and exhilarated.

Now that I’ve armed you with a treasure trove of delightful and unforgettable 1st birthday party activities for our little munchkins, it’s time to dive headfirst into the planning process. Keep in mind the key ingredients for a fantastic celebration:

Once you’ve successfully planned and pulled off a memorable first birthday party, you’ll feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. And the best part? The coming year’s parties will be a breeze! And, Iā€™ve pulled together a great collection of summer birthday party ideas for toddlers to get you started!

So put your party-planning hat on and bring your vision to life. Happy 1st birthday to your little bundle of joy! May this celebration be filled with laughter, love, and countless magical moments that you’ll treasure forever. Let the fun begin!

1st Birthday Party Activities FAQ

While games are not a necessity, they can add an extra level of enjoyment to the celebration for both the little ones and the adults. Games keep everyone engaged and create lasting memories.
For 1-year-olds, focus on simple activities like sensory play, crawling games, and exploring soft play areas. They enjoy activities that engage their senses and encourage movement.
Provide age-appropriate toys, sensory activities, and safe play areas for your 1-year-old to explore. Engage them with interactive games like crawling through tunnels, playing with bubbles, or enjoying a gentle wagon ride.
Include interactive games and activities that adults can participate in. Craft games, guessing games, and photo scavenger hunts are great options. Additionally, ensure a comfortable and relaxed environment for adults to socialize and enjoy the celebration.
Adults can engage in activities like parent-child crafts, guessing games, cornhole, and Jumbo Jenga. They can also interact with other guests, capture precious moments, and participate in the joy of the celebration.
Provide games and activities that cater to adults, ensuring they are fun, engaging, and promote interaction. Also, encourage adults to interact with the children, creating a joyful and inclusive atmosphere
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